Day Five (Wednesday)

Today was a sightseeing day and began with a trip to a cenote in the town of Nohmozon. (A quick google search will take you there!) Cenote is a Mayan word meaning “the well.” Perhaps the connection is a well and water being the center of life. Without life-giving water daily activities would be impossible. The cenote was about 60 feet deep and the crystal clear water itself anywhere from 15 to 40 meters. Our morning dive and swim session was most refreshing. We had a picnic lunch on the return side of a roughly six mile cumulative hike. Three miles in and three miles out. We took a tour of the Mayan ruins in the city of Mayapan. I wonder what those ancient minds would do with today’s technology? We had supper after our sightseeing in a local restaurant with samplings of several local dishes. The food was absolutely delicious. After returning home, the youth met some friends at a local park and invited them back to Corpus Christi. It is amazing to see the common bond of relationship in Christ—as it presented in futbol– binding our youth together through communication challenges. Peer counseling—free from inhibition and fear– in its purest form. Each teaching the other their native language punctuated with laughter and love. What a joy to watch our youth interact with our Meridan brothers and sisters! So much to learn from these future Deacons and Elders. Our night concluded with great conversation and moving responses to the summary question of each day—“where did you see Jesus today?” Jesus knows just how to communicate with each of our hearts.

Today, we travel back to Mount Horeb to begin pouring their new concrete roof. Please pray for us as we work with our brothers and sisters in Merida. Forecast for today is sunny and hot!

Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you, we remain,

Your James Island Presbyterian Church Merida Team