Day two (Monday)

Sunday worship went well and it was wonderful to experience Christ in worship with our Merida brothers and sisters. Lively music from their worship team, prayers and message made us feel right at home. Sam preached about entering the Promised Land together with the “Shema” being our true North. Our amazing youth presented a bell choir piece “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” and without a hitch. No practice, no excuses, they just nailed it. How blessed we were/are to have these youth helping lead our worship! We had a good night’s sleep, delicious breakfast, and got to the work site around 8:30. We divided into two teams and continued with painting and roof deconstruction. We find our brothers and sisters to be welcoming, extremely friendly and genuinely excited we are here to share some life and work alongside them. After lunch on the grounds—empanadas—we returned to Corpus Christi for showers and a siesta. Siesta time is spent talking, planning and napping as each person seeks respite from the great heat. Tonight, we look forward to facilitating our first VBS with about 25 children. Each night, as word gets out we are here, we look for larger numbers of youth to join us. Please keep us in your prayers as compassion was our devotion theme for the day.

Your James Island Presbyterian Church Merida Team

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