Dear Church family,

In the midst of all the changes over the last few weeks it is encouraging to know we still have anchors. Anchors which provide stability as we continue to make course corrections while navigating the changing landscape of our lives together. One of these anchors is the Lord’s Supper. As is our first Sunday practice, we will share the sacrament this Sunday, May 3, 2020 and it will be a first for James Island Presbyterian Church.

During worship, the Word will be read and proclaimed as usual. Following the sermon, we will participate in the traditional Words of Institution breaking the bread and pouring the juice (or the red wine) remembering Christ’s body broken for us and Christ’s blood shed for us. Since we will not physically be together, it is important and necessary for you to have the bread and juice (or red wine) beforehand, for you and your family to participate.

Even though my desire is to be present together as the body of Christ, I am excited to lead and participate with my church family via technology. Technology is a wonderful tool but I’m sure you would agree with me it can never replace our coming together as a most significant part of corporate worship. It certainly reminds us of the fact that we are some of God’s greatest gifts to each other and how the sacrament binds us together and feeds us in the journey.

I look forward to being able to come together again and soon. Your pastors and staff continue the conversations about the when and how of doing so. We covet your prayers in the days ahead.

I look forward to “seeing” each of you in Sunday worship. Here’s a link to Sunday’s Order of Worship.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Sam