Pastor Sam’s Letter

Dear Church family and friends,

In first Corinthians, Paul compares the body of Christ to a human body. For something as complex as the human body, it’s an easy image to understand how the church operates as the body of Christ. Each organ has a specific function and for the body to operate at maximum capacity, the entire body has to work in unison together. When organs operate at minimal capacity, or not at all as having been removed from the body, life goes on, but in a limited capacity.

As I think about our path forward, I’m excited about our approach to the church functioning at full capacity. This will require every member in ministry as we move into a team-based approach. We all have differing gifts to perform differing functions and as such, we need one another if the body is to be completely effective in the mission and ministry God is calling us to. Isn’t it exciting, to know your Creator has endowed you with certain strengths to perform specific tasks within his body, the church? In the days ahead, our intention is to help every member discover their strengths, find a place to serve within the body of Christ, and then to go out into the world, where you spend a majority of your waking life, to be salt and light. It’s a noble and sacred calling to be intentional about loving God and serving your neighbor from your strengths. You will be hearing more about our mutual path forward.

Keep praying and stay attentive to the Lord’s calling in your life. The best is yet to come!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Sam

Order of Worship for Service 5-16-21