24 September, 2021

Dear Friends and Church family,

Grace and peace unto you!

I have such exciting and good news to share with each of you. Our Worship and Music team has determined during children’s time in worship, your children are welcome and invited to come forward during that time! Ah, the echoes of more familiar normalcy we are accustomed as we’ve come to love them over the years. As now I get to “take my turn” sharing with the children, I’m so excited to sit with them and share in that wonderfully sacred time together.

Please share the news with your children and let them know that this week they can come forward and share their special time in worship with Ms. RoxAnn. I know she is as excited as me, (well, almost!) we are able to do so in close proximity. Remember–our children not only the church of tomorrow. They are   also the church of today! Woo-Hoo!!!

I continue to pray for your safety and anticipate what the Lord will be about as we gather this, and every Sunday, for our communal time of worship.

May God’s grace, peace, love, and protective hand be upon us, around us, and within us.

Grace and peace-

Pastor Sam

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