Who We Are

At James Island Presbyterian Church, our purpose is “To love God, to love our neighbors, to be Christ’s witnesses, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Loving God

Our first call as Christians is to love God with our whole being. At James Island Presbyterian Church, worship is a top priority. Through worship, we are able to offer praise and thanksgiving to God as we express our love.

Loving Our Neighbors

Jesus connected our love for God with our love of those around us. All of our ministries and missions are an expression of our love for God and God’s people near and far.

Witnesses for Christ

As we go throughout our lives, we are called to share the story of who Jesus is and what he has done. We do this by the words we say and also in our actions as we serve others in Christ’s love.

Making Disciples

Following Christ as his disciple is a daily journey that spans a lifetime. At James Island Presbyterian Church, we are committed to nurturing the faith of all people by teaching them to know and follow our Lord.