Sunday School

Sunday School classes meet each week at 10 a.m. throughout the church campus. These small groups provide opportunities to explore our faith on a deeper level and form connections within our church family. Find the class that’s right for you from one of these great groups:

Disciples Sunday School Class

Church Café in the Fellowship Hall
The Disciples Class is committed to developing biblical knowledge, coming to deeper theological understanding and growing in our faith. We have journeyed through various books of the Bible engaging in discussion and reflection on their meaning for our lives. In addition to great discussion, we have the benefit of being the closest class to the Sunday morning fellowship with refills of hot coffee and snacks just outside our classroom door. Our class has members of many ages and stages of life from singles to empty-nesters to those still raising children at home. We welcome you in class on Sunday or at one of our special gatherings.
Contact Nancy and Kenny Tassin for more information (843-795-0407) or {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

Discover Sunday School Class

Room 304, First Floor of the Christian Education Building
The Discover Class has the unique quality of members who have been active for as long as thirty years as well as those who have recently joined our church. In the many years that our class has been together, we have studied a plethora of videos, books and Bible studies. Most of our studies are focused on examining the world from a Christian worldview. We are engaged in the life of the church and get together frequently outside of the Sunday School hour.
Contact Kathy Harms for more information (843-795-4546)

En Gedi Sunday School Class

Room 322, Second Floor of the Christian Education Building
En Gedi is the largest oasis along the Western shore of the Dead Sea. Our class takes its name from this special place in the history of Israel and seeks to be an oasis for its members within the wilderness of life. We have studied a wide variety of resources from videos to novels. With each study, we aim to learn more about what it means to live out our faith and better understand the way that God has made us and our world. The greatest gift we share with one another is the gift of support through the trials and joys of life. Join us!
Contact John Pritchett (843-762-1445) or Andy Fairey for more information (843-795-4337).

Faith Builders School Class

Room 303, First Floor of the Christian Education Building
Our class gathers to confront the challenges of building our faith, our homes and our careers together as we enter new stages of life. We have a variety of singles and couples, with or without children. In addition to Sunday mornings, we like to gather for social or service oriented events throughout the year and are actively engaged in Wednesday Night Live activities. Our time together helps us to center our lives on what matters most as we build our faith together.
Contact Cameron Smith for more information. (843-795-3111, ext. 203)

Kirk Class

Library in McAlister Hall
Join our group of young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who are in the process of growing our careers and families and are seeking ways to apply Christian values in all we do. We hope to develop friendships and a support system to guide and help one another through our faith journeys. The class will feature a variety of formats: video discussions, outside speakers, topics from the Wired Word on-line, book discussions, biblical studies and we are open to all suggestions! Also, on the second Sunday of each month we will head across the street to Screen Door for a lesson and discussion over brunch while the kids are in nursery.
If you have any questions, please contact Morgan Tremayne at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.